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The Production Life Cycle:

Step 1: Receiving - Once your order has been received, it is tagged with a unique order number and submited for Pre-Production.

Step 2: Pre-Production - In the Pre-Production phase, your order is typeset against the sample template you chose at the time of your order and a production art template is generated to create your custom product.

Step 3: Production - In the Production phase, your custom art template is transformed into the final production art. Techniques such as foil-stamping, embossing and 4-color printing are applied to give your final product a unique high quality finish that you will be proud to display! Your order is placed for production in the order that it was received. The time to complete this phase may vary from 14 to 25 work days depending on the work load at the time. Every effort is being made to complete this final phase and ship your order out Priority Mail.

Step 4: Shipping - Your order has been finalized and ready to be shipped. Your order is packaged, labeled and scheduled for delivery. All orders are shipped United States Priority Mail General ship time from USPS is about (3) days we are not responsible for shipping delays by USPS or lost orders.

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