Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I change the layout on the Business Card?
A. Online orders: No the template is fixed and can not be altered.
Off line form: The lines on the form are merely a guide. Fill out the form the way you want to see the type. The location of the badge is stationary.

Q. Are your fax lines and website secure for credit card use?
A. Every effort has been made to make the site as secure as possible. You will see our security certificate logo posted on all order forms. Click on the logo to verify the certificate if you have doubt about our security. You can feel free to enter your information.

Q. Can I have more than two lines for an address?
A. Yes, you may have up to three (3) lines for your address.

Q. Can I have my title above my name?
A. Web order: No you may only input as the template shows - Name first then title - if you need the set up different from the online template, then submit a fax order form
Off line orders: Off line orders can be customized to your spec's in most cases - call for a order form - fill it in and fax it back (832-912-1888)

Q. Can I have my email address on my card?
A. Yes, we normally would put it under the phone number lines. Please type the address exactly how you want it to read.

Q. Can I get more or less than an order of 300?
A. 300 is the minimum order. Orders of 600 and 1,200 are available. For prices, choose the desired quantity online or just indicate the desired qty on the fax in order form.

Q. Can I have my badge number on the badge?
A. No, it would not be cost effective for you or Cobra Printing & Productions™ to put badge numbers on the badge. We use hand-tooled dies and each badge number would require a special die. We suggest that you may want to put your badge number under your name and title.

Q. How long should it take to get my order?
A. We try to produce all orders within 10 to 14 workdays. From time to time, we have to replenish our masters and that could delay your order by a few days. We send all orders by United Postal Service (Priority Mail). Generally, you should get the order within 3 days from the day we mail it. We are not responsible for lost orders out side our control.

Q.How do I email Cobra Printing & Productions™?

Q. What if my hand writing is not clear and a mistake is made on the cards?
A. Online order: We are not responsible for any errors submitted online - you are typesetting your order at the time of the order - we do not touch the art that you submit. Check your work carefully before you submit the order.
Off Line Form: We will not be responsible for errors made due to poor or unclear penmanship - please write clearly.

Q. If my order is lost in the mail or by a delivery service will you reprint my order at no cost to me?
A. We are not responsible for lost or missing orders by any carrier. We use the U.S. Post Office as the primary shipping service because we have found them to be the most reliable and economical way to ship the product. We ship using the Priority Mail service provided by USPS because it attaches a tracking number to the postage. It is the responsibility of the Post Office to scan the package when it is presented at the post office or picked up by the carrier to start the tracking sequence. If it is not scanned at the shipping side then it is usually scanned at the receiving center before it goes out for delivery which populates the tracking information for your review.

Q. Can you ship international?
A. The only way to ship to you in another country is by way of APO or other type of domestic transferring address. We do not ship International, unless special arrangements are made offline and all international shipping charges are charged as a pass through to the customer.

Q. Why does my second order look lighter or darker than my first order?
A. The printing industry has a set of standards which are deemed acceptable universally throughout the printing community. We adhere to those standards however, each printing press and each run of paper has its own characteristics and can vary slightly from one order to another. Our quality control department inspects orders before shipping and during the runs to insure that we stay within standards but there is no guarantee that the order you placed six months ago will be printed on the same run of paper stock and on the same press so you may see some variance in the ink either being a little lighter or a little darker.

Q. What if I want a different color paper?
A. Each Agency has approved a set of standards to be used to produce the printed items to insure uniformity throughout the Agency and the paper color is determined by the Agency. We understand that the Agency is allowing you to purchase our product under those uniform guidelines, so the only paper color available is that which has been approved by your Agency.

Cobra Printing and Productions™ is owned and operated by the original founder of Cobra Productions and we offer the best service and product for law enforcement anywhere in the country.

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